Live Stream: Generate a player error/callback, if mpd doesnt have updates after few seconds

We came across an issue where if encoder has issue pushing stream, manifest doesn’t get updated, however since player gets 200 OK and keeps getting same manifest, there is no error. Is there any way to detect, this scenario using some callback method or error code ?

We are trying to fail over to next server/encoder if current stream mpd doesnt advertise new fragments for 10 seconds , cause in that case most probably some issue with current server/encoder.


Hi @czhang2
You could store the value of player.getManifest(), then compare it after some time, then, if you determine that the value didn’t change, you can assume that the manifest didn’t get updated

I see, however this will require having a timer constantly running every few seconds. Since player already would be doing this comparison to fetch new fragments, we were hoping to have some built in variable we could use.

A way that would avoid having you maintaining a timer would be to get the response body from