Poster before and after a live stream starts

Dear Community,

I have the following problem, and I don’t know how to deal with it. We have a livestream that should be played with the bitmovin player. If the stream is not online yet, it should show an image instead of the player, when the stream starts, the image should be hidden again and the livestream should start, and then when the livestream is over, the image should be displayed again.

Displaying the image before the stream start works, I get an error event from the player, and can react to it. But when the stream is running, no error event is shot if one or more files can’t be loaded. Furthermore, it would be interesting how I can get the player to try again once the error has occurred (when the livestream is not start, the player sould recognise that the stream is started). Is this possible?

Thanks and best regards

There should be a PlaybackFinished event from the player when a live/VOD stream ends. I think usually to end a live stream, it turns into a VOD and then eventually ends. In this situation there should be a PlaybackFinished event triggered from the player.

Hope that is helpful. Let me know if there is any other confusion.