Autoplay when Live-stream starts streaming?

I’m embedding the webplayer in a page, and streaming to it via Cloudflare Stream for a live event.

People will arrive at the player page prior to the live event starting, which means there won’t be anything to play yet.

I’d like their player to start playing as soon as it gets data from the Cloudflare Stream (once we start the livestream). I have autoplay enabled, but currently it appears that the user has to hit the refresh button on their browser, or the play button on the player to start the video.

How do I get the player to play when the livestream starts without the user having to do anything once they have the page open?

Hi @aweisbart
I am not very familiar with Cloudflare Stream but if the HLS manifest does not contain any information at the time the player starts to load/play (what happens if you enable autoplay) then the player will simply error and not attempt to play.
Depending on how Cloudflare Stream works you might be able to continually retry playing the stream via the Player API (try loading, if it errors retry in a few seconds for example).
But it’s not natively supported by the player via a configuration.

Hope this helps