Autoplay error after reloading the page

VAST video ad playing with setting {position:“pre” and autoplay: true}, the ad video and content video works well when first time come to the page. But after reloading the page, the ad video couldn’t be autoplayed and even mouse click doesn’t start the Ad. (the player did “flash” at the beginning after rendering player UI, seems like the player tried to play Ads but for some reason it couldn’t). but if set the position to “1” which means let the Ads start to play after 1s of the content video. everything works well even reloading the page.

If video has setup with muted, the ads can be autoplayed at first time & even after reloading page.

Add a screenshot of the player of when it’s stuck after reloading page. It has a thumbnail at the beginning but after a “flashing”, the thumbnail gone and player got stuck here, play button did not work to start Ads and content video.

Autoplay of unmuted content is restricted by most browsers. This is a browser limitation rather than a player issue.
You can find further details in this article : To Play, or Not to Play - AutoPlay Policies for Safari 14 and Chrome 64 - Bitmovin

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