Bitmovin player autoplay video get blocked

Is Bitmovin autoplay video got blocked by some browsers? I know browsers may block autoplay. In my case, Videos can be played automatically when the page was loaded first time, but the video couldn’t be played after reloading the page, and the player got stuck and no response with click play button.

Hello! As you correctly mention, several web browsers block autoplaying if content doesn’t meet certain criteria. For example, here are the autoplay policies enforced by Chrome: Autoplay policy in Chrome - Chrome Developers , where an important rule is that content needs to be muted for autoplay to be allowed at all times.

If you have already double-checked that your website’s content complies with those browser policies, but still experiencing the issue, it would be great if you could share an affected page so Community members can test it, review it, and share ideas on what might be wrong.

Also, to discard potential issues caused by non-Bitmovin code present on your website, it’s always a good practice to test our player in a standalone environment first, such as: . Can the issue be reproduced here when loading your content? (ensuring it’s muted)