How do I config bitmovin player to not have delay time

Example case
I start watch live video at current time then once player start downloading resource again my live video got more delay time. Such from delay time 10 sec after player start download delay time go to 15 sec. I have to reconnect or refresh my player again to get back to 10 sec (normal delay time)

Hi Krisada,

The delay for live streams are mainly due the internal player buffer. If the connectivity is not good enough some times you may experience buffering issues which usually introduce the delay you mentioned. In this way, if you have noticed that the live delay changes over time, probably there are some connectivity issues and the suggested approach should be to increase the forward buffer length to improve the ABR algorithm robustness, for instance, increase the buffer to 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds. A good practice is to have a buffer length at least of x4 or x5 times the segment length.

Given said that, you could also force to the player to syncing it again with the live edge. You should set the timeshift value to 0.

Finally, worth to mention that Low latency protocols such as LL-CMAF solve the sync/delay issue automatically for live streams as you would be able to set a “target latency” value and the player will always try to keep that latency over time automatically. See our LL latency demo for more details