When seeking a live dash stream, stuck in buffering stage and slow seeking

We recently upgraded from bitmovin 8.25.1 to to 8.108.0 as we need some newer features. We had complaints where the player gets stuck in buffering stage for live dash streams when seeking. This randomly happens, seeking again to another position start playing the stream. Seeking also seems to be slower at times. We have been on 8.25 version for 4 years with no issues so there is definately something with newer bitmovin version.

We also have open ticket #17103 where we have provided live sample steam but waiting to hear back. This also seems to be related to following issues.

Would appreciate your help debugging as this is preventing us from upgrading player version and we are stuck on releasing few features to clients.


Thanks @czhang2, I can see this is being handled in the ticket you opened so will close out this topic. Thanks!

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