Seeking in reverse is slow


I would just like get some insights to why is seeking in reverse is slow (takes a while to load the video).

Hi @hardknockrabbit , thanks for your question. Can you please elaborate more to help understand the behaviour.

  • How much is seek back slower than seek forward?
  • Is this observed on every seek or only occasionally?
  • Is Bitmovin UI used for seek or player API is used?
  • Is this observation for VOD content or Live content or both?
  • Is this observation specific to DRM content or clear content as well?

In general, one potential difference between seek forward and seek backward is the buffered media. Normally players buffer audio/video ahead of playback, so small seek forward requests are handled from the buffered data, leading to faster seek handling.

Where as for seeking backwards, the amount of back ward media buffer kept by player is small or 0, so almost every seek back will result in a network request to fetch the audio/video media corresponding to seek point. The required network requests results in comparatively longer seek time. But this should be true for forward seek positions beyond the buffered media duration.

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