Throttling issue with low network

Please let us know how to handle low network issue.
Now we can see loader for longer instead of video with low quality.
We are using Bitmovin 8.115.0

Thanks for getting in contact.
I would first recommend making sure you have low enough bitrates available in your stream (eg. down to a couple of hundred kbps). This way, the player adaptation logic (ABR) should be able to pick a very low rendition and handle cases where there are slow connection.

In general, we discourage waiting until the buffer fills, since a low startup time appears to be the desired behaviour in most cases and the ABR should adapt accordingly, however, you could use the buffer API to check the buffer size and trigger a custom logic.

Configuring the player to automatically start playing once the buffer reaches 10s or more.
Based on this example, you can adjust the behavior to your exact needs.

        var downloadfinishedHandler = function(data) {
                /* once the buffer level reaches 10, start playing and 
                *  remove the event handler because we want the behaviour 
                *  to work only on startup
            if (player.buffer.getLevel("forwardduration", "video").level > 10) {
      "downloadfinished", downloadfinishedHandler);
        var conf = {
            key: "YOUR-PLAYER-LICENSE-KEY",
            playback: {
                // mute the player so the browser doesn't prevent autoplay
                // (see
                muted: true,
            events: {
                // "playing" event handler for logging purposes
                playing: console.log,
                downloadfinished: downloadfinishedHandler

Please let me know in case you have any questions or need any further help.

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