BufferConfig for Text/Captions track

We have a very common issue related to captioning live stream. It takes a couple of seconds to transcribe live stream, however due to player buffer, by the time text/captions track is requested for buffer, it doesn’t exist yet, so player gets 404, tries again and it gets it.

While captions still work, this is causing millions of 404 errors in our logs a day. I see in following link a BufferConfig, there is audio and video setting, there should be a way to delay text track as well by keeping buffer value low for text track. This is a very common problem and with Auto captioning of live stream any bitmovin clients are going to have this problem.

We have tried suggestedpresentationdelay however this delays entire stream, just so that user can see caption.

Hi @czhang2,
Unfortunately, there is not a reliable way to prevent the player from requesting segments that are referenced in the manifest, and the DASH-IF specification also indicates that elements referenced in the manifest should be available.
Do you know how many seconds the processing time is, at most ? The delay might not have a huge impact in that case it is only a couple of seconds. As a workaround, you could use the Network API to retry the failed subtitles segments too if needed.