Frustrated Basketball Fan (i.e. an end user)


So, when I try and watch games on NBA League Pass, I get an error. Error code 1400. Not particularly useful in itself. But the link to ‘support’ for League Pass in the error message doesn’t even go anywhere. Literally <a href="">here</a>

Needless to say. The rest of their support process is useless.

The thing is, I also get pointed to this documentation in the code that’s being output with the error.

So, my question is. Is there anything I can do, as an end user, to at least mitigate this. It’s very hard to get into the flow of a basketball game when it boots you out 4-5 times a game at random.

This is probably a long shot but I’m tired of butting my head against the wall.


Hi Sam,

Sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any more information on this, other than what the link has already provided, and I can only suggest that you reach out to NBA directly. (I believe this would be the route to take -

Thanks for your understanding.

All the best,