Broken stream but missing relevant information


I created a new stream a few days ago with the Trial account and suddenly got this error message:

There is no information other than this emoji message. Support asked me to post here so I’m hoping this looks familiar to someone here.

We are looking forward to using Bitmovin without any error messages on our streams. Thanks for your help!

Hi @sander , i’ve jumped into your account and it seems like you may be working fine now (based on Stream you’ve labelled “test”) - all good?

Hello Adrian, thanks for looking into it!
The stream in question is called “cool cray” with ID “cop3jmtsr******bdr0”.
It is working again now but our company is trying to understand the root of the issue before we will make an offer to our clients, who are looking for a video player for their videos. If the issue is storage related, we would most likely be hosting the videos on our Google Cloud Storage buckets.
Is it possible to get more information about the error right after it occurred? And is there a status page for Bitmovin that we can check to see if there is a general issue or if we should look into the broken stream?

Best regards