Why are my analytics numbers lower than they should be?


My analytics numbers are wrong for sure: it doesn’t count the hours properly - it makes me wonder if the other numbers are correct too.

I only get very small numbers - 0 sec, 0.1h… things like this. I am sure that is wrong as I have played an entire movie myself during the weekend and it didn’t appear on the analytics board.

My settings are to show everything in the last week or in custom range.

Thank you,



Hi Andrei,
good question, thanks for posting it.
The session you mentioned might not show up, because:

  1. Your browser setting has “Do Not Track” activated. Bitmovin Analytics by default respects “Do Not Track” requests, but you can disable this. Here’s a guide on how to: Bitmovin Docs - Analytics FAQ - Do-Not-Track Cookie Handling in Analytics

  2. You are using an AdBlocker: Some AdBlockers block client-side video streaming Analytics requests from being sent out.

BTW, the best way to check individual sessions is using the Latest Sessions feature: Bitmovin Dashboard
or if you have a userId set the Session Tracking feature: Bitmovin Dashboard

If you don’t have too many impressions yet I suggest you try to find your session on one of those screens above.

Hope this helps.


Hi Andrei, checking back if my answer was helpful?

Yes, Thank you! I found the answers I was looking for.