Bitmovin Analytics -> Google Data Studio Unique User Table

Hi all,

I integrated Bitmovin Analytics as a data source to Google Data Studio. Till 23rd of May, all metrics from Bitmovin Analytics can be seen at Google Data Studio similarly. However after 23rd of May, I cannot get unique user number. I’ve checked the formula of unique user but nothing has changed. The other metrics like Total Hour Watched, Plays, Play Attempts are working fine. Is there any update for calculating Unique Users at Google Data Studio?

Hi @macdigital

To get the unique users I would suggest not trying to COUNT() via Google Data Studio as that would only work if GDS were to directly connect to the underlying data store but to request the COUNT(USER_ID) metric with a DAY interval and plot that.
(I believe you are currently asking Google DataStudio to count the unique users for you that it sees in our API response)

Why the graph stops here is also limitation of the API in that it will only output 200 results per query. So the first 200 results are plotted and it looks like the graph ends but in reality it’s just cut off as you don’t have access to the full data set but only the first 200 rows.

Hope that helps,
greetings Daniel