Where do I find total view time of all my content as well as the breakdown by title?


I want to see the total view time of all my content then the breakdown by title. However, on the view time statistics, on the top line, where it says total, it shows an average value, i think: i see total 2min, but the next line of the first title shows 15 min. So obviously the total is wrong.

How do i get the total view time of all my titles, other than downloading the data and counting it myself by hand?

Thank you,


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Hi Andrei,

You can use Total Hours Watched to get a summed total of video (hours) watched. View time is presented as an average.

I hope that helps a bit.


Dear Troy,

In that case, kindly set it up that the total hours watched shows time and not 34,07 hours. That means nothing for 99,9% of people. It has to be hours:minutes, for people to understand those numbers.

And the view time needs to be marked accordingly: average time spent and NOT total time.

Thank you for understanding,