What is usesExternalPlaybackWhileExternalScreenIsActive on Bitmovin's iOS Player SDK?

I can see following configuration option in Bitmovin iOS player SDK. But have following a few questions about the use-cases supported with it.


Questions :

  1. Does it result in support for connecting iOS device to external screen like TV (using HDMI adaptor)?
  2. The API documentation says, NOTE: This is only supported with AirPlay. What does this mean?
  3. This flag is part of RemoteControlConfig . How is this related to it?

This means playback will be started on the external screen (AirPlay or External screen connected via adapter + cable) - instead of local playback - if that is connected when playback is initiated.

It is in RemoteControlConfiguration as playback that doesn’t happen on the device’s screen is considered remote playback.

The NOTE comment only means it is not supported with ChromeCast, but should work with attached external screens.