AVPlayerLayer retain]: message sent to deallocated instance

On iOS App from full screen player (native screen) to PIP mode and again back to full screen player view. When I am trying to pause() the player, app is getting crashed with AVPlayerLayer retain]: message sent to deallocated instance on iOS 16.2. Other than pause action like forward, rewind, mute were working fine.

Hi @nethaji.baddili,

Could you provide more information about

  • the FullscreenHandler that you implemented in your application?
  • the exact PlayerConfig and PlayerViewConfig you are using?
  • on which iOS version you are experiencing the crash?

Best would be if you could share a sample App where this can be reproduced.
See our samples here.

For Full screen we were using var fullscreenPlayerViewController = AVPlayerViewController()
iOS Version: 16.2
playerConfig.playbackConfig.isBackgroundPlaybackEnabled = true
playerConfig.playbackConfig.isPictureInPictureEnabled = true
playerConfig.styleConfig.userInterfaceType = .system
playerConfig.playbackConfig.isAutoplayEnabled = true
playerConfig.playbackConfig.isMuted = true

    let tweaksConfig = TweaksConfig()
    tweaksConfig.isCustomHlsLoadingEnabled = false
    tweaksConfig.isNativeHlsParsingEnabled = true
    playerConfig.tweaksConfig = tweaksConfig

Thank you for the details.
One thing I forgot to ask is which SDK version you are using? I assume the latest one, 3.33.0.

I’m currently unable to reproduce the issue on my side. Could you try our BasicFullscreenHandling from our samples repo with your configuration and see if you can reproduce it there?

Otherwise, a sample App where we could reproduce this issue would be helpful.

if possible can we connect so that I can share my screen to get it resolved. I will be available on IST hours.

In case we can not figure out what the problem and you require additional technical support, please login to your Bitmovin Dashboard at Bitmovin Dashboard and create a new support case. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have raised couple of tickets for technical support for the above issue. I didn’t get any response or reply from Bitmovin Technical Support team. And also am not able to find the raised requests place holder in the website.

I forwarded your request internally to our team, and we will check and come back to you.

Hi David,
Could you please help me out on reaching the Bitmovin technical support team to resolve my issue.
As it is critical for our app, and also Gartner is a Bitmovn licensed holder.

Kindly setup a call asap to resolve my issue.


Hi Nethaji,

thanks for reaching out!

I looked into it why you did get no response to your ticket yet. I found that your own Bitmovin Account is not associated with the Company Account of Gartner, hence you are not able to raise any tickets on their behalf right now. Because of that, your request got pushed to our general user queue which had an issue at the time you raised your ticket and didn’t get processed properly. Hence it wasn’t possible for our team to react to your request.

Next steps:

  • Please make sure that your Bitmovin Account Administrator invites you as a User to the Main Company Account, so you can raise Tickets on their behalf.
  • I’ve identified your initial request and managed to recover it, so you should receive an email from our system any minute. Please use this ticket to continue the conversation with our team.
  • Future Tickets, please make sure to raise through the main account of your company.

This being said, our team will get in contact with you soon to make sure the issue is understood, and which steps can be taken next.

Thank you very much for your patience!

Best regards,
Gernot (Head of Support, Global)