Basic Offline Playback iOS sample seems to be not working

I’m trying to implement offline download & playback.

Firstly I tried to use the example project provided on GitHub.
Unfortunately it does not seem to work.

When any of sample streams is attempted do be downloaded, the OfflineContentManager instance is stuck in Suspended state. It does not log anything useful either.
No matter if download is started or attempted to be resumed it’s always in Suspended state.

I don’t see any network activity after tapping Download.
But when Play is tapped, playback starts. But apparently it is being streamed live as network activity is clearly visible.

Nothing comes from OfflineContentManagerListener protocol methods except “Resumed”.
Also there are some unarchiving warnings from iOS itself.

Could you please fix the sample project or hint what is the current problem?
Thank you in advance.

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I just learned that it is not working properly in iOS simulator - but it works well on a real device.

Anyways, I have a side note: the article Bitmovin Docs - Player Tutorials | Offline Playback with the Bitmovin iOS/tvOS SDK is now outdated and I would like to suggest updateing it for new SDK

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