Air Play Support


Is there any sample on AirPlay implementation with bitmovin player, we wanted to enable air play feature in our iOS app, can you please guide us on this, so that we can implement it.


Hey Praveen,

This is enabled per default. If you run the most basic app with the Bitmovin Player iOS SDK, like, and you have an AirPlay target device in your network, you should see the AirPlay icon in the player UI.

We are not using system UI, we are creating our own controls over player screen, by hiding default controls UI.

Is there any api to call on button action, so that we can initiate air play session from bit moving player.


Ah okay, I see.

If you search the iOS Player SDK for AirPlay, you will get a full list of AirPlay-related APIs and events, like:

Hi Team,

After implementing the AirPlay feature as mentioned above, we are able to play first video, when we play 2nd video, after pre-roll(ad playback), main content doesn’t load


Whenever we are trying to do AirPlay after preroll ad is finished, we get device list, under the current device we can still see (Advertisement playing icon), when we try to select a device the content doesn’t load, it keeps on saying Advertisement is playing, what could be this issue ?

Hi @leeladharan ,
did you come to a solution for this? We are looking into ads and Airplay, and are afraid it doesn’t work out of the box.

@daniel can you elaborate on this briefly? Does Bitmovin support ads with Airplay out of the box from all platforms (when available)?