Airplay disconnecting after each pre-roll

Hi, I am implementing the preroll advertisements. I got pre-roll ads set in bitmovin player config
analytics: {
videoId: playback_id,
customData1: xxx
ui: false,
playback: {
autoplay: true,
advertising: {
cast: {
enable: true,
remotecontrol: {
type: ‘googlecast’,
receiverVersion: ‘v3’,
receiverApplicationId: APPID

I got 3 pre-roll ads. I used my iPhone to test the airplay with my mac laptop, the video plays on my laptop and disconnected after each pre roll and connect back before the next pre-roll begins. I could not find anything related to this issue in our docs. Do you know if there is any settings that could solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi @jialin.yang , thanks for sharing this behaviour. Google IMA SDK which is used for Ad playback does not support Airplay feature. Please see Google IMA documentation about Airplay support.

Can you please try to switch to Bitmovin Ad module instead and check if that works better? You can follow this post regarding how to use Bitmovin Ad Module instead of IMA for client side Ad playback with Bitmovin player