What is the best way to integrate bitmovin encode to EZdrm?

If it is through api, where can I find it in the Node.js / JavaScript SDK documentation?

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for reaching out to our community.

Regarding the EZDRM integration, the best way would be to follow our Multi-DRM tutorial [1]. The tutorial contains the comprehensive information on what DRM parameters (such as key, kid, pssh, iv, or laUrl) we need to set during an encoding for each DRM. You will be able to find such DRM parameters in your EZDRM’s account page, and then you can provide such information when creating an encoding job.

We also published two DRM integration samples in our public repository [2] in TypeScript. We hope either one will help, but please let us know if you have any question.

[1] Bitmovin Docs - Encoding Tutorials | How to create combined Multi DRM protected content
[2] GitHub - bitmovin/bitmovin-api-sdk-examples: Set of encoding workflow examples highlighting the use of the Bitmovin API SDKs

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