Videos Protection

Hi ,
I am trying to know how to use bitmovin encoding to protect a videos in platform from
being detected and downloaded using any kind of download managements tools i.e “idm”,
if that is possible, what are the requirements and how to configure it lt’s
thanks in advance .

Hi @medo0112234297

Thank you for your question.

In order to do DRM, you would need to select a DRM technology that is supported by the devices where you would like to playback your content. The most popular ones are probably Widevine, Fairplay and Playready. At this url Bitmovin Docs - Player | Browser DRM Support we provide a table of the DRM types our player support for different platforms, but it is also a good guide for general support.

When creating the encoding/creating the media, you would need to create DRM protected media. To get started with this, you would need a DRM provider, and when creating the encoding, you would need key(s) from your DRM provider, which you should use when configuring the encoding.

We provide different tutorials and articles on getting started with DRM:

My suggestion would be to find a DRM provider that supports SPEKE, which makes the integration with Bitmovin Encoder very easy. An example for creating an encoding using DRM (with SPEKE) is available here: bitmovin-api-sdk-examples/ at main · bitmovin/bitmovin-api-sdk-examples · GitHub (examples for other coding languages are also available).

I hope this helps.


That was very helpful ! . Thank you so much

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