Encoding-DRM Tutorial By Use Case

Why This Post

To quickly find your relevant DRM integration tutorial.

First - Questions to Self

To help formulate you DRM requirements some questions you can ask yourself

  1. What are the end-user-devices I want to reach/playback on
  2. Do I have a specific DRM Partner in mind
  3. Do I need to multiple DRMs i.e Widevine, Playready, Fairplay
  4. Do I want to use SPEKE to integrate with my DRM Partner
  5. Does my Content Provider have specific DRM requirements

FYI - What Many Customers Do

Here are some recommendations from what we see from our DRM customers

(a) for wider end-user-device reach

  1. Use multiple drms i.e Widevine + Playready + Fairplay
  2. Use Bitmovin defaults for DRM encryption (CBC vs CTR) algorithm

:information_source: Newer Widevine & Playready versions support CTR & CBC algorithms. Fairplay ONLY CBC.

(b) for DRM security

  1. Use different drm keys for SD vs HD vs UHD vs Audio renditions

Pick Your Tutorial

With clearer DRM requirements select your integration tutorial :slight_smile:

:information_source: We support an ever growing list of DRM partners. This table is only a subset. Check in @ Partners to see the full list

DRM Partner Generic Vualto Pallycon Intertrust/ExpressPlay Axinom
Use Cases Multi-DRM Multi-DRM Multi-DRM Multi-DRM Multi-DRM
Clear Key


Q. None of the integration guides help me. What can I Do?

1. Search community.bitmovin.com to see if a similar integration Q has been answered
2. Drop us a comment in this blog post w/ your DRM integration requirements. We'll try include a link/tutorial

Q. My DRM Partner is not listed above. How can I integrate?

1. You can use the Generic tutorial. This is DRM Partner agnostic. 
2. THEN do YOUR own blog post after your successful integration :)

Q. Are my DRM requirements supported by Bitmovin?

Bitmovin supports the many permutations of DRM - Encoding. 
Bitmovin supported VOD DRM-Encodings  @  
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