I have problem in playeing video using bitmovin player

I have on video using drm license with customdata and it is not playing in bitmovin player , please help if anyone have idea about it , i am sharing content also to get good understand about my issue .

“data”:“customdata”,“widevinelicense”:“widevine drm”,“playreadylicense”:“playready drm”,“message”:“DRM authentication key successfully retreived.”}

Hey @llipschultz,

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Can you please provide more details?

  • Which Player SDK are you trying to use - Web, Android, iOS, Roku?
  • Which version of the Bitmovin Player SDK are you using?
  • Which browser/platform are you currently/initially testing on?
  • Which Multi-DRM provider (e.g. Irdeto, EZDRM, DRMtoday, …) are you using? Different providers require different configurations.
  • Can you please share all the required details to test playback, i.e. DASH/HLS URLs, License Server URLs for the different DRM systems, and any required custom data values. I’m aware that this is sensitive information you might not want to post openly, so please feel free to send me a direct message with this information.