URL of the default Chromecast receiver


Is it possible to have the URL of the Chromecast receiver behind D8C6557C ?

We need to whitelist the host tu use DRM on our stream. Otherwise we will have CORS issues.

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I will need to check this information for you. It is likely hosted on cdn.bitmovin.com.

Alternatively, you would build your own receiver and host the receiver through your domain.

Hello @ludovic.michaud,

Yes if you can confirm me, it would be great, thx

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Hi Raphael,
It doesn’t look like D8C6557C is a Cast Receiver application Bitmovin is hosting, I couldn’t find this App ID on our side.

Anyway, it is generally recommended to host your own CAF receiver app for production use cases, also to have full control over the app. You can use our sample app GitHub - bitmovin/bitmovin-player-caf-receiver: CAF receiver implementation to communication with Bitmovin Player SDKs (which Ludo already mentioned above), which is the same code we use for our hosted CAF receiver.

Oups my bad… sorry

I mean 3BD10BE7

It is the receiver by default in the android sdk

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Hi, any update on this topic ?

Hey Raphael,

The app ID of 3BD10BE7 still points to a Cast v2 SDK, is unmaintained and shouldn’t be used anymore. Google deprecated the Cast v2 SDK quite some time ago and we, as well as Google, strongly recommend using a CAF (aka Cast v3 SDK) receiver app, like GitHub - bitmovin/bitmovin-player-caf-receiver: CAF receiver implementation to communication with Bitmovin Player SDKs.
Please keep in mind that Bitmovin Player Android & iOS SDKs v3 only support CAF receiver apps.

However, if you have good reasons to use 3BD10BE7, it’s hosted on https://bitmovin-a.akamaihd.net.

Hi Daniel,

So it means you don’t support the default receiver on your iOS and Android SDK ?

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The current receiver is FFE417E5 which is used by the iOS and Android Player SDK v3 per default. The Web Player SDK didn’t change from the legacy receiver to the CAF receiver yet as that would be a breaking change for existing customer deployments. This would be something we’d likely be changing with the next major version as well. However, this is just about the default, also the Web SDK can of course use CAF receivers.

Please see CAF Support for more details.

Ok, understood.

Sorry I am not the current Android dev and I thought that 3BD10BE7 is the actual receiver which is used by the iOS and Android SDK v3 per default.

Could you just confirm that FFE417E5 is also hosted on https://bitmovin-a.akamaihd.net ?

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Hi Raphael,

FFE417E5 is hosted on cdn.bitmovin.com as @ludovic.michaud suggested earlier.

Ok, super, thx, I can close this topic

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