Screencast issues

Is the button to throw on the screen only available for chrome?
WHen i use screencast/chromecast → it always uses the bitmovin logo - how do I take that out?
When I activate screencat - ths subtitling has an ugly dark background - how do i deactivate it? Changing the background settings, doesn’t help.

Not all browsers support chromecast. For instance, Safari doesn’t. Essentially Chrome based browsers support casting.

Are you using the Cast receiver CAFv3 ?

This is the recommended receiver technology and I don’t think it shows the logo.

So the player doesn’t have the apple version of “casting”… is there such a thing?

Airplay is the Apple “equivalent technology”. It is supported also with our player on Safari (iOS/macOS), as well as iOS Native. Airplay requires a AppleTV, or other airplay-compatible device.

And the player recognizes it automatically? or do we have to implement it extra?

Also - is there a solution for Roku OS? The user who has the problems is trying to cast from iphone on a Hisense Roku TV.

Yes, the player should recognize automatically when airplay is enabled.
Some Roku TVs are compatible with the Airplay protocol, but possibly not all of them.

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