CAF Receiver v3 - Stable


We are using inbuilt cast api to cast videos from our iOS app to Android TV. When we are trying to cast, first CAF Receiver v3 - Stable error is displaying for few seconds then video getting cast. We do not want to show that error message to user when they are casting from iOS app to Android or Google TV.

We checked on basic cast sample app available on Github by installing latest bitmovin lib v3.41.1 and observed the same behaviour.

Can you please give us a resolution over this issue or guide us how we can remove that error message from tv screen.

Sharing sample recording for your reference


Hi Praveen,

There is no error shown in the recording you shared. This is the Cast Receiver App loading screen (it shows the name of the app) of our default Cast receiver app. If you want to get rid of it, you will have to host your own Cast Receiver app, which is anyway the recommended approach. The source code of our default CAF receiver app is available on Github: GitHub - bitmovin/bitmovin-player-caf-receiver: CAF receiver implementation to communication with Bitmovin Player SDKs
I recommend using that and hosting your own receiver app using

We don’t want to use cast receiver app, we want default casting. Is that possible?


One more question, Once we register our custom cast receiver in google after that how to specify that receiver in our iOS app when we are casting.

Hi Praveen,

The way how Chromecast works is that there is always a cast receiver app being used. In case of “Bitmovin’s default casting”, it’s simply a cast receiver Bitmovin hosts.

Once you created a cast receiver app in, that page will display the App ID (that is assigned by Google automatically to your app). This App ID needs to be set on the BitmovinCastManager as applicationId and your receiver app will be used instead.

If you are looking at our AdvancedCasting Sample App, replace the line BitmovinCastManager.initializeCasting() in the AppDelegate.swift with:

let options = BitmovinCastManagerOptions()
options.applicationId = "FFE417E5" // Use your Cast Receiver App ID here!
BitmovinCastManager.initializeCasting(options: options)