How to customize casting start view


I am android platform developer, and use bitmovin sdk 3.37.1

When I casting with CastButtonFactory.setUpMediaRouteButton it will show bitmovin support casting start view which show CAF Receiver V3 - Stable on tv.

It any idea to change casting start view on tv with customize casting start view.

Hi @edward.lee , thank for your question. You seemed to have created this in News instead of support section of the community forum.

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Hi, @lucky.goyal

I already edit origin topic instead of support section.

thanks for your suggest.

Thanks @edward.lee . In order to use a custom CAF receiver app instead of the default Bitmovin CAF receiver app, you can initialize BitmovinCastManager on each of player SDKs using the custom CAF receiver app Id. Please see CAF Support for details. In this page you can find reference code for Bitmovin Web, Android and iOS player SDKs.

Please let us know if there are any followup questions.

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