[ReactNative] Enable WebviewDebuggingEnabled for Seamless Player Skin Debugging (iOS 16.4+)


The ability to inspect webview elements using Safari’s developer tools is crucial for developing and maintaining custom player skins within Bitmovin’s React Native SDK. Due to Apple’s change in iOS 16.4, this functionality is no longer available by default, hindering the debugging process.


We earnestly request that Bitmovin introduce configuration options for webviewDebuggingEnabled within their React Native SDK. This would allow developers to re-enable webview inspection in Safari, even on iOS 16.4 and later, ensuring streamlined debugging of custom player skins.


  • Debugging Challenges: The inability to inspect webview elements significantly impedes the debugging process for custom player skins. Developers struggle to identify and resolve issues related to skin layout, styling, and interactions.
  • Hindered Development Workflow: The lack of webview debugging creates a bottleneck in the development workflow, leading to increased time and effort spent on debugging and troubleshooting custom player skins.

Call to Action:

We urge Bitmovin to prioritize this feature request and provide the necessary configuration options for webviewDebuggingEnabled. This will empower developers to seamlessly debug custom player skins, enhancing the overall development experience and ensuring a smooth integration with the Bitmovin player.

Product Insight ID: PB-39251264

Additional Notes:

  • Bitmovin has acknowledged the importance of this feature and has registered our organization’s interest.
  • Enabling webview debugging is essential for maintaining a consistent and high-quality user experience across iOS devices.
  • The more cross-customer support this request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

We hope that other customers will also express interest in this functionality so that we can see it considered in future updates of the Bitmovin SDK for React Native on iOS.

Hi @joseg!

Thanks for raising this request, and particularly for including so much detail in the post, it’s very much appreciated. While this isn’t something we have on our roadmap right now, we’ll continue to assess with the team and other customer interest and we will let you know when we get to this.

All the best,