PlayerEvent.AudioPlaybackQualityChanged not sent in Safari

Hi, we have been having issues with audio changes on Safari. When changing the audio, to enable descriptive video in our case, the PlayerEvent.AudioPlaybackQualityChanged is sent when using the bitmovin player on Chrome and Firefox.

However we’ve been having issues when using Safari on our end. When changing the audio, the player event is never sent, for some reason. Since this only happens on a specific browser, we were wondering if this was an issue on your end.

Would it be possible to investigate?

Thank you!

Hi @cleung,
Unfortunately not all player events are supported in Safari due to technical limitations, and PlayerEvent.AudioPlaybackQualityChanged is one of them.

However, audio track changes are signaled by PlayerEvent.AudioChanged, which should properly work in Safari. This sounds more like what you’re looking for in order to support your use case.