Switching video quality in Safari causes error

I added the preferredTech configuration so that Safari users can change video quality as described here: Bitmovin Docs - Player FAQ - Why the quality can't be manually changed in Safari?

After this, the quality setting is displayed in Safari, but when I select a quality other than “auto,” I get this error:

Video decoder or demuxer had an error with the content (PLAYBACK_VIDEO_DECODING_ERROR)

code: 1301
data: {code: 3, mediaError: "MEDIA_ERR_DECODE", message: "Media failed to decode"}
message: "The video element has thrown a media error."
troubleShootLink: "https://bitmovin.com/docs/player/web/errors/1301"
type: "error"

Any ideas on why this happens? Thank you.

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Hi @kush

Thank you for your question.

As noted on the page from the troubleShootLink, there might be different reasons to the error. The page holds different recommendations to investigate the root cause - but I assume you have already tried these?

If you can share a link to your source manifest (without DRM) it will be easier to help troubleshoot. You can either paste it here, or send it in a PM.


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