On Ipad safari the video gets paused when turned to fullscreen with unmute

So for my case I keep the player as mute while default and when I switch to fullscreen I want the player to be unmuted, but the safari on IPad pauses the video when this switch happens.
I was searching through some documents found the autoplay doesn’t work when the video becomes unmute without user interaction.

So I wanted to ask if there is a walkaround for this behaviour ? Where the player gets unmuted but doesn’t pause

Currently I did a quick fix for this is to have async await for fullscreentoggle button something like this -
player.on(player.exports.PlayerEvent.ViewModeChanged, async () => {
try {
if (
player.getViewMode() === player.exports.ViewMode.Fullscreen &&
) {
await screen?.orientation?.lock(‘landscape’).catch(() => {})
} catch (err) {}

this works but is there any different solution where I do not have to change the fullscreentogglebutton

But this sometimes does not work properly when testing on simulator