Player stops buffering

I have a customer from CH who is using his IPAD Pro. 15.6.1 to watch our movies on Safari.

He watches a little over 3 minutes, after which the player stops loading the movie and does nothing more - no error code or anything.

How can I solve this for him?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Andrei, thanks for asking in the community,

Is he the only user affected or it’s widespread? Does the same stream work ok for him in other devices or when connected to a different network (4G vs Wifi)? Only that specific stream is affected or all your streams?

If the issue cannot be reproduced by you or by anybody outside his environment, in order to gain visibility on what’s actually happening on his end, I’d recommend the following approaches:

a) Have him capture console/network logs. The easiest way would be: Debug iOS Safari from your Mac | Busbud blog , whereas the most comprehensive would be: Configure and use Charles proxy as powerful debugging tool for playback issues

b) Leverage our Analytics solution by assigning a customUserID to that user, in order to log all his metrics in our backend and then inspect an affected playback session via our Dashboard: Bitmovin Dashboard. Some relevant docs here are: Bitmovin Docs - Analytics | Analytics Configuration Overview and Bitmovin Docs - Analytics Tutorials | Tracking users and impressions