In iOS platform, error On pausing video for at least 3 mins


In iOS platform, while using Bitmovin player, when we try to play any VOD (HLS) content and then pause the video for atleast 3 mins, we get below error. What is this issue and how can we resolve this ? It’s happening for all videos


nw_path_necp_check_for_updates Failed to copy updated result (22)
▿ [Player Event]: <BMPDownloadFinishedEvent: 0x283206fa0> #0
  - super: NSObject
  - name: "onDownloadFinished"
  - timestamp: 1690969632.744448
  ▹ requestType: __C.BMPHttpRequestType
  ▹ url:
  - lastRedirectLocation: nil
  - downloadTime: 0.7109623750002356
  - httpStatus: 200
  - size: 2931
  - wasSuccessful: true
*** onDownloadFinished
▿ [Player Event]: <BMPSourceErrorEvent: 0x2803aff40> #0
  - super: NSObject
  - name: "onSourceError"
  - code: __C.BMPSourceErrorCode
  - message: "General playback error. The operation couldn’t be completed. (CoreMediaErrorDomain error -12312.)"
  - timestamp: 1690969632.800978
  ▹ data: Optional(<BMPDeficiencyData: 0x281914d80>)
*** onSourceError
[StateMachine] Transitioning from state paused to error

Hi @leeladharan , thanks for reaching out and welcome to Bitmovin community. Can you please check if the same issue is also happening with Bitmovin Sample application using sample HLS asset

If the issue is only happening with your setup and not with Bitmovin sample, then please compare your setup with Bitmovin app. If you still need further support in this case, then please open a support ticket via Bitmovin dashboard using your Bitmovin account and provide details like your sample app, test asset etc.

But if the issue is also happening with Bitmovin sample apps, then please let us know here and we will look into it.