Multiple concurrent Live video player on the same screen with different sources

Dear Bitmovin community,

I could not find any reference demo implementation for a multi viewer based on Bitmovin.

Something like a 4x concurrent Video tiles with different live streaming sources.

Of course only one audio output at the same time !

Thanks for your support.

Hi @Nicolas.Stefani

Would this be for a website?

As such the way to proceed could be to create 4 different player objects each with its own source and config. You would then load these 4 players into 4 separate div tags on the page.

Each player can in the configuration be set to autoplay=true and muted=true, and the control of audio would then be possible by using the player API (e.g.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the hint Peder, it would for SmartTV webview and Native SDK like Android.

Hi @Nicolas.Stefani

Please be aware that different devices support a different number of players and simultaneous playback - as e.g. mentioned for Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS here: I have multiple players on Tizen/WebOS but can't play both concurrently