How to merge audio for the two sources into on video live stream?

Hi Team,

I am new with the product and having one requirement to full, our client has requirement where, there will be two live stream one will be in english and other will be in chinse. We need to integrate the bitmovin where we have to combile the audio from both the souces and play with the video with multiple audio option . i am new here can someone guide me how to achive this .


Hi Prabhat,

I’m afraid that this use case is not one that is supported currently with our live encoder. The live encoder only supports a single input (RTMP, SRT or Zixi). If the input stream had multiple audio tracks, we could then extract and encode each alongside the video, but the merging of multiple input tracks into a single stream would have to be performed upstream of our encoder.

I’ll bring this to the attention of our product team, as Live is going to be a big area of focus for us in the coming months