Is Encoding Slot Limited Even For Pay-As-You-Go Package?

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Last week I got a message from my colleagues that they were unable to create a simple encoding job. By the way, we use simple encoding API to create encoding job. They also pointed that the encoding slot available shown on the dashboard is 0/0. This make me confused because as far as I know, our organization subscribing to the pay-as-you-go package (I’m not the one who manage the billing). Isn’t pay-as-you-go supposed to mean that everything is unlimited as long as we can afford to pay? What do we miss?

By the time I created this topic, we are unable to create encoding job for 4 days. And we still need to encode tons of video. I appreciate any kind of help. Thanks before.


  • We already finished 115 encoding job so far.
  • The API response stated that the encoding job has created successfully.


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Hi @phill ! Thanks for your question.

While we investigate internally if there are any issues with your accounts, can you check whether the right org’s API key is being used and that your colleague’s personal orgs are named differently to the PAYG org in order to avoid confusion?

Every user has a personal trial account and when invited to a Pay-As-You-Go org, they should select that in order to start the encodings properly.

For example, it may be possible that your colleagues are using their personal org (which may be named similarly to the work org):

If that’s the case, then they should get it to work by selecting the PAYG org and using its API key:

Then, to avoid confusion, rename their personal org to something easier to differentiate:
2022-03-23 21.16.05.

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Hi @matheus.cardoso ,
Thank you very much for the detailed response.

We have found the problem. Actually we just migrated our S3 bucket. We set the region to ap-southeast-3 and somehow hasn’t supported yet by Bitmovin (the previous bucket is set to ap-southeast-1, thus, no problem).
After we migrated one more time to ap-southeast-1, we can create encoding job successfully again just like before.


Hey @phill ! My pleasure, and thanks for sharing your solution. I’ve shared it with the team in case we can improve the migration experience.

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Hey Phill, just a note that we are tracking region feedback from the product side and your feedback increased the priority of this region.

We also aim to support storage regions different from the processing region - the root cause of the error you encountered.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the community!


Hi @mhafellner ,

That is a very good news!
I’m more than happy being able to help make this product better.


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