Flutter + Samsung TVs Tizen

Hello there,

Im working to add support for Samsung TVs (Tizen OS) on my flutter app.

Im using flutter-tizen to build my app and it runs on Samsung TVs.

I see that Bitmovin already has a sample app and support for Tizen but using css/js: Bitmovin Docs - Player Tutorials | Getting started with the web player on Samsung Tizen.

Im seeing 2 options to integrate:

  1. Integrate a native SDK(.NET/C#?) with a platform plugin in the same way I did for iOS(swift)/android(kotlin)/android TV(kotlin).
  2. Use a webview and replicate what was done in the sample app using the web SDK.

If the only way today to integrate with Tizen is the Web SDK, the webview should work? Is there any issue for Bitmovin SDK to run in a webview?



We’re running a Angular SPA on Tizen 4.0 and later without any Issues. The Web SDK is working pretty good.

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Hi Rafael,

Tizen is supported using the Bitmovin Player Web SDK (with the tizen module, especially for older models like 2016 and 2017 TV models). However, we haven’t done any testing using flutter-tizen as far as I know, and the same is the case for WebViews on Tizen.

We typically see customers building Web Apps for Tizen, but I’m curious to learn more from our community about what people use or try to use!

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