Samsung 2016 - Bitmovin Player Web SDK - Babel/Polyfill

Hi Community,

Seeking advise on implementing Bitmovin Player for smart-tv. It works fine on Samsung Tizen from 2017 and above, but on Samsung 2016 the attached error is thrown.

Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 16.11.23

It seems to somehow maybe related to Babel/Polyfill NPM packages. Does anybody have experience in some workaround/changes to make it work on Samsung 2016.

Thank you.

Hey Peder,
Samsung 2016 TVs use a quite old browser version, which can’t handle more modern Javascript features. What exactly causes the problem is hard to say without the code, and babel & polyfill packages you are using.

A good approach is typically to start off with a minimal sample that’s known to work (like our sample application on Github: GitHub - bitmovin/bitmovin-player-tizen-demo: Sample app for how to use the Bitmovin Web SDK on Samsung Tizen devices) and add more code, packages etc and see when it starts breaking.

This page from Samsung has quite details information about what Javascript features are available on which Tizen version:

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