Audio Track not working when play for the first time

When I play the video, the audioTrack will alway select language base on Apple system language. Does Bitmovin Player SDK for tvOS does not provide a built-in option to disable the audio track language from the Apple system language?

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Hi @henglyna04!

Thank you for your question!

The expected behavior is that the player will select the default audio track, indicated in the HLS manifest. If none is marked as default it would fall back to the Apple system language.

If you want to select a different track initially, you can do so by listening to the ReadyEvent and call player.setAudio(trackIdentifier: audioTrackIdentifier).
You can get all the audio track metadata - also inside a ReadyEvent listener - by calling player.availableAudio.

You can see how to listen to events here and you can find all of our available APIs on our API reference page.

I hope this helps!
If you have further questions, feel free to continue this thread!

Hi @roland.kakonyi ,
Thank you for your response. I’ve tried it, but it still selects the language based on the Apple system language. But when the language of the Apple system is English, the audio track works correctly. However, if I switch it to French or another language, the audio track does not function correctly.

Could you define what “the audio track does not function correctly”?
What happens if you select the same track via the UI? Does it work in that case?

It not change the audio track. But when I switch to other language and switch back, it work correctly.

Hi @henglyna04!

Could you provide a sample HLS stream URL where we could reproduce this?
It would help a lot if we can inspect the behavior first-hand.