How can I add multiple languages subtitle with Bitmovin player on Apple TVOS?

How can I make selection multiple languages subtitle with styleConfig.userInterfaceType == .system or only achieve by using custom UI ???

As long as several subtitles are available within your stream, the player should detect it and show a subtitle menu with the selection of the available subtitles.

Are you experiencing any issues ?

following below is my code to add subtitle:
let track = SubtitleTrack(url: subtitle.subtitleURL,
label: subtitle.label ?? “”,
identifier: ?? UUID().uuidString,
isDefaultTrack: !defaultTrackDidSet,
language: subtitle.src_lang)
sourceItem.add(subtitleTrack: track)
defaultTrackDidSet = true

the subtitles should be three, but it just show two.

Hi @dev3,

As stated in our documentation of sourceConfig.add(subtitleTrack:) we do not support side-loaded subtitles in combination with the system UI, which is the default on tvOS.

You will need to build a custom native UI in order to get support for side-loaded subtitles on tvOS.

If you think this should be part of our SDK, please open a feature request.

I see that you are still using the term SourceItem in your code snipped which was replaced by the SourceConfig in v3. If you are still on a v2 version of the iOS Player SDK, please update to v3 as v2 is already deprecated.

is any demo code for custom ui without css??

Unfortunately no, we do not have a sample showcasing a custom native UI.

A starting point would be our PlayerView documentation which showcases how to get video rendering into a custom UIView. For SwiftUI please refer to VideoPlayerView. On top of this you would need to build your native User Interface (UI controls).