[Android] Our apps would like to be able to control all download offline content notifications

Dear Bitmovin,

Currently to be able to alter some of the download offline content notifications you need to supply a (sub-)class of the BitmovinDownloadService to the OfflineContentManager.setDownloadServiceClass(...) method.
The BitmovinDowloadService is not an interface and contains only a few (protected) methods that can be overridden and some of the notification (notably the download finished notifications) can’t be overriden.

Basically we want the app to be in control of user facing notifications and currently this is not possible as the BitmovinDowloadService sends out it’s own notifications which can’t be overriden.

So the request boils down to:

  • No duplicate notifications when downloading is complete, but a single one whose content can be edited by the client app, and which contains information about the item(s) that has been downloaded

  • A client app-configurable name for the notification channel, OR a client app-configurable ID for the notification channel used for downloads. In the latter case, the client app can decide for itself what the name will be, and also whether the channel should be visible to users before starting a download.

Kind regards,

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Hi Kaspar,

Welcome to our community! Thanks for making your first contribution.

Thanks for logging your request regarding our download service, we’ve registered the request to monitor for further interest, which includes further activity on this post. While it’s currently not on our roadmap, we’ll let you know here as and when there is any movement.