Add iFrames to HLS Manifest

I’m unclear on the process of creating iFrames and adding them to a manifest. I haven’t come across any helpful documentation or resources either. I would love some help if anyone has done this before.

I’ve been able to create thumbnails using the Javascript SDK, but they aren’t being attached to any manifests, and I’m not sure how to do that.

const iframes = await api.encoding.encodings.streams.thumbnails.create(,,
new Thumbnail({
name: ‘iframes’,
height: 240,
width: 320,
unit: ThumbnailUnit.SECONDS,
interval: 4,
pattern: ‘iframe_%number%.jpeg’,
aspectMode: ThumbnailAspectMode.CROP,
outputs: [
new EncodingOutput({
outputId: outputId,
outputPath: outputPath + ‘/iframes’,
acl: [aclEntry]

Hi Ben,

We don’t have a full example showcasing that, but one resource that might help is Bitmovin Docs - Encoding | Encoding - Thumbnail generation support for VoD

It also links out to the specific API call to create an iFrame playlist for HLS.

Please let me know if that’s helpful or there is anything else I can help you with.