HLS I-Frame Playlists for Dolby Vision


When using https://developer.bitmovin.com/encoding/reference/postencodingmanifestshlsstreamsiframebymanifestidandstreamid to create an I-Frame playlist for Dolby Vision fmp4 hevc segments the resulting I-Frame Playlist only contains “null”.
For other non-dolby-vision encodings the I-Frame Playlist ist producing expected results. Therefore I assume this feature is not implemented for Dolby Vision content yet.

Why does this need changing?

Since the documentation doesn’t mention any exceptions I would expect I-Frame Playlists to work for any content.

Feature Request

Make HLS I-Frame Playlists work for Dolby Vision encodings.

Implementation Hint

VIDEO-RANGE="PQ" probably has to be added to the #EXT-X-I-FRAME-STREAM-INF Element


Sample manifest where I tried this: Bitmovin Dashboard

IDs of the Dolby Vision encoding to reproduce the I-Frame Playlist:

    String encodingId = "3d9de651-7543-4105-9ccb-63a140526b53";
    String videoStreamId_360 ="bd37d86d-08bd-45b7-bcfe-d6b6f9bf60ca";
    String videoMuxingId_360 ="c4f90642-1770-4c69-bfae-3d00bf77c2fd";

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your request. Could you try the same workflow using Maniest V2? You can change the manifest generator version in the “Start HLS Manifest Generation” call by changing “manifestGenerator” to “V2”: https://developer.bitmovin.com/encoding/reference/postencodingmanifestshlsstartbymanifestid

See also: Manifest Generator V2

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