Add Codec on AudioTrack

It would be great to have Codec info on the AudioTrack Objec (

Why ?

When we have multiple track on the same language, for example one with Dolby system active and the other without the Dolby system.

It would be great to display to the user the choice of the track like this :

  • French (5.1)
  • French
  • English (5.1)
  • English

Right now, we don’t have those information.

We can only get the information on the active track.

On your web library, we can do this like this :
const audiosAvailable = this.playerBitmovin.getAvailableAudio();

for (let i = 0; i < audiosAvailable.length; i++) {
    const hasSurround = audiosAvailable[i].getQualities().some(c => c.codec === 'ec-3');
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Hi Raphael,

Thank you for logging this request and providing us with such detail.

Fortunately, we have had similar requests from existing customers so we’re already tracking interest for this feature and assessing it for our roadmap. I’ve added your request as another upvote!

While I don’t have a timeline for you right now, we’ll let you know in this thread when we have some updates and also when we add the audio codec info to the Android SDK.