Only audio coming while playing ads in bitmovin android sdk

We are trying to play ads in our application. But we could not able to see the video when ads are playing. we can able to hear the audio of the ads. once ads finished its starting the live streaming properly

cc: @arunpandiyan1205

@arjun.jayachandran thanks for reporting this.
Are you able to reproduce the issue on this app too ?

Does it reproduces only with your stream and/or ads ? Please feel free to provide those either here on in a support ticket.

Can you specify which device you are using ? It could be that the video codec or profile is not compatible with your device.

Hi @ludovic.michaud

We can able to play the ads with this sample app

But when we are trying to integrate the same with our application we are facing the issue.(We are getting only audio of the ads)

Both we tried in emulator in the same machine.

Unsupported profile 4 for video/mp4v-es, we are getting this error, But we can able to see the error in sample app also, but there it is playing fine.

if profile is the issue what can be done to resolve the issue.

Thanks for your feedback.
As next steps, I suggest that you open a support ticket including your test app (source code) and steps to reproduce. I also recommend making sure both our sample app and your app are using the same player version.

video/mp4v-es is a MIME type that indicates an MPEG-4 video elementary stream. This means that the video data is encoded using the MPEG-4 video codec and is not fragmented or encapsulated. This might explain why this stream is not usable.

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