M3U8 based vast XML not playing ads on Bitmovin


I am testing VAST XML capabilities on BItmovin player. I hit a snag where:

Following VAST XML works perfectly fine (plays the ads) (Mp4):

But the following VAST XML doesn’t seem to work (doesn’t play the ad) (m3u8 based):

I have tag verified both of them to be a valid VAST XML.

Can someone please help point what could be missing?

Hi @vivek ,

Thanks for reaching out to Bitmovin. Can you please share which player SDK platform are you trying? Is it Web, Android or iOS?

Thanks and Regards,
Lucky Goyal

I used the following tester link:

The issue is noticed across IOS, Android and Web though.

Thanks for sharing the test link. With Bitmovin web player SDK, the default module used for Ad playback is IMA client side SDK in which case streaming(HLS) ads are not supported. But Bitmovin web player SDK also includes another ads module(BAM) which is implemented by Bitmovin and this module supports HLS Ads. You can switch to using BAM instead of IMA to play HLS Ads. Please following following article to check how to use BAM.

For iOS and Android, I will take a look and come back on these as well.

Thank you so much Lucky. This seems very helpful.

By any chance is there a working sandbox which plays the Ads with this BAM player?

I was hoping to test my ads xml.

The ones I saw on the above url didn’t work.

Moreover, on top of the Android and iOS.

Can you please also check if this solution is available through react Native and smart tv apps?

Hi @vivek , I am glad that you are able to validate it using BAM. There is no pre-deployed player sandbox with BAM enabled but please feel free to build one for your use.

I also validated Android and iOS player SDKs and HLS Ad creative works fine on both. These work fine out of the box and do not need any special configuration. Did you face issue using the same?

Since Bitmovin’s React native integration is based on Android and iOS player SDKs, so the result should be same. As listed in Bitmovin’s reactive native project’s README, client side Ads are supported since version 0.4.0, so this should work fine.

To summarize, the HLS client side Ads should work fine on Bitmovin player Web(with BAM), Android and iOS SDKs on all supported platforms.