Video AD not working on web

Hello there!

I created a Ad Unit on Ad Manager, Line Item and Order for my Video Ad that I want to show in the Pre or Post Roll for my videos.

Its working on iOS and android but on web it does not load.

Google provides this page to test the ad and my tag url works there: IMA HTML5 Video Suite Inspector

If I use one of Google samples on web it works.

My Video Tag Url

Bitmovin web versions:

Live url test: Boxing for You - TESTE AWS ATUALIZAÇÕES


Hi @rafael.f.iga , thanks for your query. To begin with, Bitmovin Web SDK comes with 2 client side Ad modules

  • Google IMA Ad module : This is the default Ad module in Bitmovin player SDK. If your service uses Google Ad server/Tags, the please use this module for Ad playback. No special steps are required to enable that module(if not using modular player approach). If you are using modular player approach, the the Advertising modules need to be loaded to enable Ad functionality.

  • Bitmovin Ad module(BAM) : This is Bitmovin implemented Ad module for VAST/VMAP/VPAID ads. This is recommended to be used for all non-Google Ad servers. To add this module on top of Bitmovin player , following 2 steps are required.

    • Fecth BAM module by including
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
- Load BAM module by calling following code snippet before creating player object.


Coming to specific issue of Ad not playing

  • As the provided Ad tag is Google Ad tag, please continue to use default IMA Ad module.

  • Check for Ad tag request in network tab. In some cases, the response for the Ad request may be empty which means that the Ad server did not return the Ad which which case no Ad will playback.

  • I tried following Ad config with Bitmovin player(using default IMA Ad module) and am able to successfully playback the Ad.

advertising: {
        adBreaks: [{
                    tag: {
                        url: "",
                        type: 'vast'

Hello again @lucky.goyal !

Thanks for all your input and information.

Did you have a chance to check the url/code that I shared?

I checked everything that you sent and it seems correct in my code.

I even changed the single quotes that I had before to double quotes as the example that you sent.

The Ad tag in the Network tab:,468x60,480x70,728x90&is_amp=0&uach=WyJtYWNPUyIsIjEzLjAuMCIsImFybSIsIiIsIjEwNS4wLjUxOTUuMTI1IixbXSxmYWxzZSxudWxsLCI2NCIsW1siR29vZ2xlIENocm9tZSIsIjEwNS4wLjUxOTUuMTI1Il0sWyJOb3QpQTtCcmFuZCIsIjguMC4wLjAiXSxbIkNocm9taXVtIiwiMTA1LjAuNTE5NS4xMjUiXV0sZmFsc2Vd&u_so=l&ctv=0&mpt=bitmovin-player&adsid=ChEI8JDqmQYQm4fGwNu55YiiARI9AOO_6Y8zW0RIsRcR3zih52VlAr7xO1sdz79CJsFOlSElwlOEDEpAqXHJXqA7TrCLjUKxGPlxrAVk9vEhcQ&jar=2022-10-03-21&sdki=445&ptt=20&adk=3417149519&sdk_apis=2,7,8&omid_p=Google1/h.3.536.0&media_url=blob:https%3A//,44750824,44760950,44765701&url=

Its empty.

Is there anything else I can do to debug this issue?


Hi @rafael.f.iga , the Ad configuration in Boxing for You - TESTE AWS ATUALIZAÇÕES looks fine. As you observed the Ad Tag request is going out from player as expected but the Ad server returns empty response for the same. The response from Ad serve is outside the scope of player and you will need to check with Ad provider on reason for the same. But a few things which you are can try to validate player configurations and Ad tags with Bitmovin player are as below.

As a side note, since you will be using IMA SDK, you need not include following in your integration.

<script type="text/javascript" src="">


If I use the sample tags, it works…so should be some config on my AdManager/Line Item/Order/Ad Unit.

I understand that its not more on the scope of bitmovin player, thanks for your help!