Advertising with bitmovin in ps5

Is there any references to example code involving playstation5 and advertising with ads using bitmovin? I have some issues present while trying to implement advertising in ps5, migrating from IMA.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Nestor,

Please take a look to our getting started guide Bitmovin Docs - Player Tutorials | Getting started with the web player on PlayStation 5. Take into account that Client-side advertising with Google IMA is not supported so you should use the Bitmovin Advertising module (BAM).

Regarding BAM, see the following information to activate it instead of IMA SDK Bitmovin Docs - Player Tutorials | Setting up Ads with the Web Player

Thanks a lot, Gabriel, for your fast reply.
Actually, I have seen both of the references your mention but, for this platform PS5 still not success.
The thing is Im migrating from an IMA configuration and I suppose there is still something creating the issues; thats is why I have been trying to find an example which in the same content mixes both ps5 platform and bitmovin adverticement.
Thanks again.

Hi Nestor.

Could you provide more details about what are you are trying to achieve and the issue you have? Would be great if you can add details such as errors code, console error messages and snippet codes of your player configs .

Thanks for your concern. For the moment, we have prioritized migration on another platform and still having issues so, I will create a new thread about that issues and at their moment will back to this work. Thanks again.