March 2024 - Updates and Release Highlights

Here’s our monthly roundup of some things you might have missed from our releases in March that we think are particularly useful. This includes improvements, updates and new features, as well as capturing UX and dashboard updates that don’t usually get called out in our release notes.


  • Android: Introduced new, more fine granular error codes for the Player (DecoderGeneral, DecoderInitialization, DecodingFailed, DecodingUnsupported, DecodingExceedsCapabilities) & Source (Io, ConnectionFailed, ConnectionTimeout, HttpStatusCode and ClearTextConnection)
  • Android: Added support for WebVTT default text and background color styling when using Bitmovin Web UI
  • iOS: Fixed various issues related to subtitle track selection and casting/background playback transitions.
  • Web: Support for DASH elements to help differentiate between audio tracks, for example.
  • Web: Added TweaksConfig.hls_parse_native_metadata that, if set to false, disables processing of native metadata events on Safari and fixed excessive amount of ID3 PlayerEvent.Metadata events being emitted on Safari

Also check out the full release notes for Web, iOS, Android, Roku, React Native and Flutter as well as our Developer Documentation.


  • iOS: Multiple ad handling improvements for both pre- and mid-roll tracking.
  • Roku: Improved resilience and recovery from error events.

Check out the Analytics collector release notes for Web, Android, iOS, Roku.

VOD Encoder

  • Audio: New Dolby audio transcoding support. It’s now possible to transcode Dolby E inputs to Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus outputs. See full release notes for more details.
  • Resilience: Improved handling of variable frame rate input sources (handleVariableInputFps=true), for sources ​​with sudden increases in consecutive B-Frames.

Live Encoder

  • Cloud: New support for Akamai Connected Cloud! All users of Bitmovin’s managed service can now schedule their live encodings to run on Akamai Connected Cloud, using the live encoding HD option.

Live and VOD Encoding release notes are available here.


  • Cloud Connect: Simplified Cloud-Connect setup on AWS with automatic AMI allowlisting. This removes any delays or need for manual setup by Bitmovin staff.

Full REST API platform release notes are available here.

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